Move Out Process

Moving day is here.

This is the hardest day in the process since you now have to worry about two locations instead of one.

KV Properties - Moving Out Day

  • Be sure all your boxes are packed and close to the exit. If you are hiring movers, this will make their job quicker, costing you less. If you are moving yourself, it will be easier to transport the items if they are close to the door.
  • Take out the trash. You don’t want the place to smell when your property manager arrives to inspect it.
  • Do a walk-through. Make sure all your items are out of the home.
  • Give your apartment a final cleaning. You’ve already done most of the cleaning but with an empty home, you can see any additional spots that you missed.
  • Check your lease. Be sure there aren’t any additional move-out rules stipulated in your lease. You’ll want to be sure to follow any guidelines so you can get your full deposit back.
  • Confirm with movers. Be sure that they know where they’re going and have your cell number in case any issues arise. Pack your own car carefully and return your apartment key before heading off to your new place.
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