Move In Process

The big day is here!

If you’ve properly prepared, moving day shouldn’t be too stressful. Below is a guide to help you move into your new apartment!

  • Set Up Your Utilities. Your lease will outline which utilities are your responsibility for.
  • Change Your Address. 
  • Make Sure You Have Renters Insurance.
  • Shop For New Furniture. If your new place is bigger or you need need new furniture.
  • Consider Storage. If you’re downsizing, or there are items you won’t need in your new place, then consider storage.
  • Pack Your Belongings. The key to making your move go smoothly is to start packing early. You should start with items that you don’t need day-to-day, such as decorations, sentimental belongings, books and movies, and wall art. You can also pack clothes and dishware that you won’t need before your move.
  • Consider Hiring Professional Movers Professional movers will make sure your move goes smoothly. They’ll do all of the heavy lifting.
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